Daniel Dye was born and raised in rural Ohio, although the last decade has found him working and traveling throughout Europe and  Asia.  He writes music, and is sometimes accompanied by the Miller Road Band – a combination of cello, mandolin, banjo, fiddle, harmonica, accordion, and guitar.  The MRB  also happens to be his nephews and niece, and the Miller siblings, who are trained in classical music, bring a “rich sound” to Dye’s “powerful short stories through simply beautiful lyrics” (WYSO 91.3).

These days he runs all over central Ohio like a hunted man, teaching classes to immigrants, helping the dispossessed (including his wife and  Clifton Opera House, Clifton Ohiobabies), and just generally trying to make a living.  In the shreds of spare time he can pull together, he writes, plays, and sings.  His songs are original, even if the tough times he sings about are not.