From “Daniel Dye Featuring The Miller Road Band”
All songs copyright 2010

I’m Gonna Let You Go

A ship gets tossed about in the wind and the waves
And buildings come crashing down when the earth decided to shake
That’s how it is with you that’s the way it’s always been
And now I’m moving on before disaster strikes again

I’m gonna let you go
But you know I love you so
But the devil’s got a hold of you
I’m afraid he’ll get a hold of me too
So I’m gonna let you go
know I love you so

I would jump from a speeding train if I know it’s gonna derail
And I would jump from a falling plane and hope my parachute sets sail
That’s how it is with you that’s the way it’s always been
So now I’m jumping from your arms before disaster strikes again

I always thought you’d bring me up but you only take me down
You send this world into a violent spin when it used to simply go round
That’s how it is with you that’s the way it’s always been
So now I’m moving on before disaster strikes again



Only Goes So Far

Go on and cry but it’s too late now, my heart ran dry long ago
Yes you can try but I’m not there
Because your tears they only go so far…

Yes you can talk but I won’t listen, cause you never walked in another’s shoes
And every thought of you makes me cold
Now your words they only go so far…

Back at the start you know you had me, my heart was in your hands
But it came apart with your lies
And your smile it only goes so far…

Every time I’d give you’d only take more, and I let you live but you shut me down
We should have settled this back then
And my love it only goes so far…



The Devil’s Drink

I left my mama when I was a boy
I left my mama with tears of joy
Oh she used to be an angel then she started drinking gin
She turned into a devil and blamed me for her sins
And the last time I saw her she was lying on the floor
With a bottle by her side I couldn’t take her anymore


And I said train, train, train, come and take me away
From the devil’s drink and I’ll be OK
Train, train, train, take me fast as you can
From the devil’s drink to the promised land

I met a preachin’ man way up in Illinois
We formed a band called the “Dixie Boys”
He could play the fiddle like you’ve never seen
But when he’d get to drinking he would  turn real mean
A fool in the crowd took the Lord’s name in vain
The devil took the Lord’s defense that fool will never be the same

I found a girl in Oklahoma and she could dance real good
And the way she was smiling at me I slowly understood
We got to talking and found love’s embrace
But the closer she got I smelled the sulfur on her face
My lips they started tingling and my throat turned real dry
I jumped on the train left the devil alone to cry

Well that devil’s drink it follows me wherever I go
From the plains of Minnesota to the banks of the Ohio
But a hobo’s life ain’t bad there’s much worse you can do
It’s hard to sleep  at night but you always make it through
I’m gonna find a small town that’s pure and that’s dry
A place where I can settle a place where I can die!




Geraldine they found you today, now I know they’re coming my way
Geraldine life was a sweet, sweet dream until you ran around and ruined everything


You’ve brought us down, down, down, down, down
You’ve brought us down, down, down, down, down

Geraldine it was the perfect plan I told them you ran off with another man
Geraldine they kindly let me be, ‘cause they knew what you were and thought that they knew me

Geraldine now I understand I should have buried you deeper in the sand
But who could’ve known the river would flood and they’d find your body washed up on the mud

Geraldine they’ve gathered ‘round the door, Geraldine they’ve got me on the floor
My hands are tied and they’re taking me away asking me what just I’ve got to say

Geraldine you’ve brought us to this place, daylight’s gone they’ve coving my face
They tell me I’m paying all my dues and in a moment I’ll be somewhere with you




When you’re born somewhere the land runs through your veins
And Ohio is the place where I was raised
With empty railroad tracks and wide open roads
And lazy evenings watching muddy rivers flow


I miss you Ohio, Ohio
I didn’t stay but your memory carries on
Ohio I’ll be back someday I hope it won’t be long
Ohio, Ohio

Now I live in a valley between mountains of concrete and glass
And I’m lost in a sea of lonely faces drifting past
And a bitter wind blows and I’ve never felt so cold
And grey snow on the ground makes me feel so old

And now I know that Spring is coming soon
And when I close my eyes I can see your flowers bloom
And warm midnight walks where you always see the sky
And when I think of you I swear I will not cry



Whenever I Hear a Banjo

We used to play on warm summer nights, after the sun went down
We had a stage in the back of the barn, if you were there you would’ve heard the sound
Of fiddles, guitars, and mandolins, the music carried through the trees
The only thing missing was a banjo’s ring, and a woman’s harmony


Now whenever I hear the sound of a banjo in a song tears fill my eyes
’Cause your voice rings as clear as it did back then, even that very first time

When you came in with a banjo by your side, it was the prettiest thing we had ever seen
And your voice melted every heart there that night, but somehow you chose me
And we lived a life together with its ups and downs, and music every summer night
No one else could play or sing quite like you, you always were a beautiful sight

I know this world is still a beautiful place, but it’s not the way it used to be
Because now my hands are old and broken down, and time with you is just a memory
I still take walks on warm summer nights, after the sun goes down
And tall grass grows where our barn once stood, but if I listen close I can hear the sound…..of a banjo in the night



All These Years

It doesn’t make you human even if you cry
And it doesn’t mean you’re honest even if you never lie
And it doesn’t make you righteous even though you shine
And it doesn’t make me crazy even though I’ve lost my mind

After all these years, all these years, all these years with you

Now the fire inside is growing cold
And your words and you promises have lost their hold
Your cries roll in and your cries roll out
And the faith that I had has changed to doubt

You keep asking me to come back someday
At the same time you push me, push me away
You seem to wonder at the things I do
But no one should understand better than you



Saints and Sinners

The pope flew up to London town
And all the people gathered ‘round
He listened as they cursed his name
While others said there should be no blame
Was it worth it all that took him there
To the sea of signs and fists in the air

And the saints and the sinners stand side by side
Both knowing they are right, they are right
And the saints and the sinners do they realize, realize
There’s a story in those eyes, in those eyes

Now the loafing hero sang his heart
Exposing all his fractured parts
But the people wanted songs they’ve heard before
So he’d give them one, and hey’d beg for more
So the only ones who ever heard
Were the few who listened to every word

And yet still we open up our souls
When we know that passions can be cruel
And when I told you that I loved you so
I thought your love for me might show
So I’m praying that it’s worth it all
And I’m climbing as I hit this wall



Coming For You

Our ship is sailing in the morning
Planes are flying overhead
We’ll be on you without warning
And soon you’ll find that you’ll be dead

They say we’ve come here for tomorrow
And without tomorrow where would we be
And the cause will rise above the sorrow
But dyin’ friends are all I see


And we’re coming for you one way or the other
We’re coming for you one way or the other
We’re coming for you one way or the other
One way or the other

And I’ve seen strong men fade and slowly crumble
Quiet men scream as they hit the ground
Proud men break and quickly humbled
And big men fall without a sound

I see lights flashing in the morning
Feel bullets flying overhead
Once again they’re on us without warning
At least I know that I’m not dead

And we’ll be coming home one way or the other
We’ll be coming home one way or the other
Oh we’ll be coming home one way or the other
One way or the other



The Sun Will Rise

The days they are long now and the nights they are cruel
But I know the sun will rise
And my hands they are trembling and my feet they are slow
But I know the sun will rise


It will rise in the morning it will rise in the dawn
The sun will bring victory and the light will come

My sleep is restless and dark thoughts they creep in
But I know the sun will rise
My bones they are aching and I’m weak in the limbs
But I know the sun will rise

It’s the end of all struggle and the end of all pain
When the sun will rise

No one said life was easy nor’ is it in vain
And the sun will rise

So you’ll find me waiting for the time that will be
When the sun will rise
So when I go missing just know that I’m free
When the sun will rise



Lullaby on a Lonely Night

Tonight it’s cold and clear and the stars are shining bright and yet all he sees
Is an empty road because he’s been driving blind, haunted by her memory
He’d find her in a bar, sitting all alone and she doesn’t know
That he’s been dying since he said goodbye, since he let her go


And we’ve a lullaby,lullaby on a lonely night
And the world has gone to bed
And nobody knows that they’re giving up the fight
That they’re giving up the fight tonight

It’s cold and clear and the stars are shining bright, he should be going home
Because the sun will come and he could see its light, but he keeps driving on
And now the bar is empty except for her, and she doesn’t know
That they’ve all gone and the tender should have closed hours ago

Just to sleep in the night, just to sleep in the night
Just to lay down their heads and sleep at night
Then everything would be alright

Now the lights are down and she should be gone, but the jukebox plays their favorite song
It’s a lullaby, brings tears to her eyes and she knows everything’s gone wrong
And it’s cold and clear and the stars are shining bright, he listens to their favorite song
And the road it turns and yet he never slows, and he will never see the sun



Letter From Spain

Oh Mama you should see how they are falling at our feet
The lights here seem so bright there’s more color in the streets
The crowd sings when we sing and moves to every beat
But at night I still dream of Ellie Jane
And the men who introduce us oh they say that we are stars
And we’re drinking better coffee and we’re smoking big cigars
But the moments when it’s quiet we remember what we are
And I think of the words of Ellie Jane


When you’ve got people all around
And they say they love your sound
And they ask you how it feels
To be a refuge and a thrill
When you’re walking down some street in Spain
Will you tell them what you did to Ellie Jane?

I’ve been trying to tell myself she latched on for the ride
And at times I believe this so I push her words aside
But the day that she left something inside me died
When no one knew me I was loved by Ellie Jane

And these cathedrals here are pretty but they make me feel so lost
I’m tired of seeing poor Jesus still hanging on that cross
Flames and incense in the air makes you question what you tossed

Oh those words of Ellie Jane
But I’ve been told to take this train just as far as it will go
So tonight we’ll bring them music oh tonight will be a show
And they’ll never see the sadness and they will never know
There was a time I only sang for Ellie Jane



Is That You Jesus?

Is that you knocking at my door Jesus?
I can’t sleep any more Jesus
I never meant to run
I meant to get things done


But will you take me as I am?
Take me as I am?

Is that you talking in my head Jesus?
I can’t remember all you said Jesus
And I hope you understand
I should have been a better man

The saints are marching one by one Jesus
Saying my time is almost gone Jesus
And my head is hanging low
But there’s nowhere else to go

It’s just you and me Jesus
You’re the only one I see Jesus
I don’t want to be alone
I just want to go on home

I don’t mean to cry Jesus
It’s a sweet by and by now Jesus
It’s been a long, long ride
Now the sky is open wide




I didn’t think you would break my heart, I didn’t think you could break my heart
I should have listened when they said we were doomed from the start
Oh those rumors would fly around, rumors would fly around
Oh but rumors always fly in this loud, dusty town


Now I’m singing Eileen, Eileen, Eileen where are you now?

I always told them they were wrong I told them they were wrong
And no matter what they say that you and I were strong
Then you left me for a city man, you left me for a city man
With a 50 dollar haircut and a California tan

And I’m singing Eileen, Eileen, Eileen where are you now?

You got me drinking on Saturday nights, I’m drinking every Saturday night
And I get all lit up but I never ever see the light
They know your name at every bar in town, they know your name at every bar in town
‘cause in the morning hours you start buying every round

And we’re singing Eileen, Eileen, Eileen where are you now?

Come Sunday morning and I’m in the pew, you’d find me kneeling in the pew
Asking for forgiveness for both me and you
I just go to hear the choir sing, I just gotta hear that choir sing
But when they raise their voices I only hear one thing

And they’re singing Eileen, Eileen, Eileen where are you now?

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